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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is now closed after an amazing Jeff Recommended run!

Thank you to every one who attended and supported the show!  Be sure to reserve your tickets for our upcoming production, The Talking Cure by Christopher Hampton, available now at the Idle Muse Box Office!

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Up Next: The Talking Cure

Opens February 23rd!

Opens February 23rd!

Her name was Sabina Spielrein.

A brilliant young “hysteric,” she is Carl Jung’s first patient, and eventual colleague, as he seeks to refine the “talking cure” method of treatment proposed by his adopted mentor, Sigmund Freud.  Traditional notions are shattered when Sabina begins to blaze her own trail and a forbidden journey into repressed passions unfolds as patient and doctor cross the ultimate boundary, becoming lovers.  Under the creeping shadow of two World Wars, all three are drawn into a complex web of rivalries and dark desires that will eventually give birth to modern psychoanalysis – as well as its first great schism

This year, Idle Muse, the Chicago company known for transporting you to wide new worlds in intimate theater spaces, explores the most intimate space of all: the human mind.  Our 2014-2015 Season, entitled World of the Self, brings you two fantastic plays about individuals pushing the boundaries of human understanding, brought face to face with the terrible question of whether or not they truly are the men and women they think they are.

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