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Season Eleven

Season Eleven explores women achieving self-definition in a world that tries to define them in relationship to the men around them.

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The Scullery Maid

a Chicago premiere by Joseph Zettelmaier directed by artistic director Evan Jackson

As King Edward celebrates an uneasy truce with France, the lowliest servant in Nottingham castle, Miriam the scullery maid, initiates a murder plot that will see him dead before the night is done - no matter the cost.  Loyalties and conspiracies unravel as a raging tempest sets in, giving rise to new betrayals and unearthing long-buried secrets as Miriam approaches the point of no return.  Religious, political and familial identities all clash with storm-like intensity in a medieval thriller that asks:  are we defined by our prejudices or can we escape becoming what we hate?

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