It's Spring Cleaning time at Idle Muse, and we're going to level with you: 

We're out of space. 

We've filled up that one junk drawer in the kitchen with stage-blunted medieval daggers, we've stuffed as many Edwardian waistcoats under the bed as we can, and whenever we open the hall closet to hang up our coats, we're instantly buried in 13th, 16th, 17th, and 20th century hats.

We're full, we're at capacity, we've outgrown our goldfish bowl.

So we need your help.

Idle Muse Theatre's mission is to produce art and entertainment that is Transporting, Timely, and True. We want to transport you to somewhere that feels real, and so we paint, and build, and dress, and light, and create. Our designers craft costumes, restore and modify furniture, create fantastical scenery and hand-prop maps to lead the way to fantastical worlds. We make things, and when the show is over, we put them away.

We've made King Henry's winter castle from The Lion In Winter come to life in a 19x11' storefront, we've taken our audience deep into the Scottish forests to come face to face with Shakespeare's Weird Sisters, and we've gone to the Italian coast with you during an Enchanted April in a building on Ridge road, and in each case we've used the same lumber, the same hangings and flowers, the same little bench whose time hasn't come in 2010 for Jerry and Tom but which is perfect for Lonesome Hollow a year later. We keep these things because they're worth keeping.

One of the most gratifying possible results of all this is that we've begun to be able to share what we make, and purchase, and find, and scrounge with our fellow theatre companies in Chicago's magnificent Fringe, and we want to continue, because when a new storefront company wants to put on a piece of new work for their new audience but their costume budget is $13, we still want to see that show be the best it can be--and we know you do too.

We've got to put it all somewhere, and we need your help to find that somewhere. Everything you contribute will go toward this critical piece of our infrastructure, and we want to use it to serve you for years to come.

Please do help if you can. Chicago makes the best theatre in the world because Chicagoans and their friends and family are the finest audience, and the most engaged and participatory patrons.

Don't make a face. You have that drawer in your kitchen too.

Love from Idle Muse.

Help Bring Our Mission to the Stage!

Idle Muse is always looking for people who share our love of theatre. If you would like to help with crew, stage management, house management, design work, marketing, or similar, please contact Artistic Director Evan Jackson at


Idle Muse also offers several fun and easy ways to support our mission financially online:

  • Purchase Idle Muse Merchandise in our online Fringe Gear Shop!
  • Shop at regularly at Amazon?  Go to Idle Muse Theatre Company's AmazonSmile site and Amazon will donate .5% percent of every eligible purchase to Idle Muse!
  • Make an online contribution at our Direct Donation site.


If you would like to support our mission through sponsorshippurchase of program advertising, or donation (monetary or in-kind), please contact Erin Gallagher at or you can donate directly to Idle Muse online.

Thank you for your interest in Idle Muse!