Transporting. Timely. True.

Everybody Daydreams.

We always have.  From the moment the first crude brush was set to a cave wall, human beings have always possessed the innate ability to step away from our immediate surroundings and explore flights of visionary fantasy.  We drift.  We shift our focus from the monotonous tasks before us and enter a different space, where the only law is the infinite answering of the question, “what if…?”

In that moment we are transported.  We abandon the mundane and we become heroes of our own stories, finding ourselves and confronting great questions; living in the only place where certain kinds of truth can be revealed.  We open a new world where art and life are the same thing: the world of the possible.

Idle Muse Theatre Company offers you a place where you can touch that possibility, that moment of wonder, in living, breathing color – unmediated and in realtime.  Sometimes it’s beautiful, sometimes it’s frightening…and sometimes it’s both.  But it will always transport you.

We’ve built a company of kindred spirits and like-minded individuals who think we need those moments now more than ever.  We think of it as a family and we want you to become part of it.  Onstage, backstage or audience, we meet in the place where all stories become the same.

We believe in the Daydream.  We believe in the Idle Muse.

“It is the greatest gift of my people, that we can bring our dreams to life for other eyes. Fantasy is a tool; like any tool, it may be used poorly or well. At its best, Fantasy reveals truths that cannot be shown any other way.” 
-Matthew Woodring Stover, “Blade of Tyshalle”

We are a 501c3 non-profit Charity organization that produces theatre which transports.

Idle Muse Theatre Company was established in 2006 by theatre artists who were interested exploring the relationship between individuals and worlds they inhabit.  Seeking to create production opportunities for themselves and other artists, they believed the best way to do this was to build a “modern guild” of players, an environment where theatre artists of different experience levels and backgrounds could develop their craft and learn from each other.

Together, we have adopted the following core values, or "Three T's":

Transporting. Timely. True.

Transporting – this is the governing aesthetic and mission of Idle Muse Theatre Company.  We believe that great theatre removes both audience and artist from their reality and takes to them to another world.  We produce theatre that transports both audience and player.

Timely - we understand that the above can only be accomplished through human connection.  Our work must be meaningful and accessible to today's audience, here and now.

True - unflinching honesty in the playing.  This has been the Idle Muse signature since our earliest productions, and our most treasured feedback.

These are the Three T's of Idle Muse Theatre Company.  They are our core values and what we believe our audience connects with most deeply in our work. We ask you to let us know what you think – tell us when we make good on our commitment – and be sure to keep us honest if we don't.